Our approach

Instead of forcing products onto customers, we offer services and advice on how to best decrease energy consumption. No bullshit, no bolt-ons.



Auditing is a super important component in evaluating where and how your energy is used. It’s where we like to kick the process off with all our clients.

And because we’re passionate, we want to get under the hood of your business and learn better how and where you use energy. We call this ‘auditing’, but unlike the tax man, we’re actually trying to save you money.
KEY Services:
Site Inspection
Power Factor


Design-first, save later

We custom-design and install energy solutions that take into account all the factors of where a business may use or lose energy.

When we’re designing the optimal energy solution for our clients there are 15 environmental, situational and physical attributes that need consideration. This process will ensure we create the most efficient and cost-effective energy solution for you.
KEY Services
Solar Design
Tariff & Billing
Battery Storage
Solar Install
Thermal Efficiency


Greater compliance

When it comes to ensuring your installation is up-to-scratch now, and for years to come, we’re leading the industry.

Greenwood is one of five companies in Australia that can credibly connect and protect commercial systems. We know what we're doing because we run training courses for the industry on installation and compliance, and manufacture the technology used for compliance industry-wide.
KEY Services:
Grid Connection
Witness Testing
Network Protection
CEC Approval


Post-project support

Our service doesn’t stop when the job’s complete. We arm all our clients with the tools they need to manage their energy long after we’ve left the building; and we’re always just a call away!

Key Services:
Advanced Reporting
Customer Support
Analytics suite
Energy Management
Timeline planning

"Looking at what actually uses our power - that, to us, was a really valuable asset. Not one other company was able to promise me that they could do that."

Operations Manager, Mansfield's Nursery

We work with you to design and create a long-term energy solution for your business.

It’s not just about the panels.

It's knowledge and expertise to design and install high-performing energy solutions that have a real impact on a business' bottomline.
Our Services

See how we've helped businesses scale through self-sufficiency.


Hitting energy costs for six.

Atherton & Sons

Scaling manufacturing output with a competitive edge.

Jackson School

Educating students and creating a sustainable future.

We model your payback and guarantee that you’ll save money in the long-run. Get in touch today for an obligation-free quote!

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