We lead the way in the design, installation and certification of commercial-grade renewable energy solutions in Australia.

Reduce energy consumption, reduce overheads.

We exist to give businesses greater energy efficiency and reduce their expenses. Find out more about what makes us different:
Our Approach

We design, install & manage renewable energy solutions based on the individual needs of every business.

Energy Auditing

We want to get under the hood of your business and learn more about how and where you use energy. We call this ‘auditing’, but unlike the tax man, we’re actually trying to save you money.

Design & Install

We're the only company in Australia that does end-to-end design and installation of commercial solar systems, and because we handle everything in-house, we know that our work is of the highest standard.

Aftercare & Monitoring

Choose from one of three aftercare and 24/7 monitoring plans designed to keep your system performing at its peak and help you reach your payback sooner.
Customer stories

We work with clients of all sizes to achieve higher energy efficiency and, in doing so, reduce operating costs.

Customer Story

Mansfield's Nursery:

"Looking at what actually uses our power - that, to us, was a really valuable asset. Not one other company was able to promise me that they could do that."
Operations Manager, Mansfield's Nursery
Read The Story

Hitting energy costs for six.

Atherton & Sons

Scaling manufacturing output with a competitive edge.

Jackson School

Educating students and creating a sustainable future.

We're ISO accredited operators and a CEC approved solar retailer.

"We combine strategy, technology, innovation and design to solve the most complex business challenges.”

Eddie Greco
Director, Greenwood
About Us

Have a gander at the thought-leadership content pieces we regularly create to help businesses get smarter with their energy:

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Prospective Short Circuit Currents

We model your payback and guarantee that you’ll save money in the long-run. Get in touch today for an obligation-free quote!

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