We're a one-stop shop for getting commercial solar projects documented, certified and connected to the grid.

Smarter Compliance

When you come to Greenwood, you know you’re getting the best in compliance, and smartest for installation.


Installer support

We're installers ourselves, which means we understand the complexities involved when it comes to delivering successful solar projects on time and within budget.

Trusted 3rd party

We run training courses for the industry on solar installation and compliance, and manufacture the technology used for system protection industry-wide.

Flexible lead times

We understand the importance of flexible lead times and affordable pricing so that you can focus on what matters: installing systems to the highest standard.

Installers use Greenwood every day to get connected, protected and compliant.

Operations Manager, Echo Group
"We partnered with Greenwood Solutions over a year ago and have been pleased with the speed of service for our testing needs. The guys are very knowledgeable with the regulations and DSPN testing requirements, we are very accepting of their advise and guidance."
Shane Durlik
Project Manager, Cherry Energy Solutions
"Greenwood solutions offer service like no other. They are incredibly responsive and are respected among industry professionals alike. I would highly recommend their services to any solar service provider."
Kimbal Fraser
Operations Manager, Prana Energy Co.
"Greenwood are a valued industry partner, they supply high quality products backed with great technical and on-site support!"

We're ISO accredited operators and a CEC approved solar retailer.

We help industry peers overcome the complexities involved in the delivery of commercial-scale solar projects.

Greenwood offers consulting services for installers seeking expert help with difficult tasks. We provide assistance, support and services for all stages of the project cycle.

“We combine strategy, technology, data science and design to solve the most complex business challenges.”

Eddie Greco, Director
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We make it easy for installers to comply with regulation and connect their solar systems to the grid.