Australia’s commercial energy revolution is well and truly here. We’re committed to ensuring that we do our part in the revolution. Starting with renewables and ending with cost and energy savings for all Australians.

Who we are.

We’re a motley crew united by our ambition: to lead Australia’s commercial energy revolution. We exist to give businesses greater energy efficiency and reduce their expenses.

How we do it.

We lead the way in the design, installation and certification of commercial-grade renewable energy solutions in Australia. And we don’t stop there. We also educate and service the industry on installation and maintenance to ensure high standards are set across the board when it comes to renewable energy.

Our values and ethics.


Greenwood is the only company in Australia that does end-to-end design and installation of commercial solar systems.

Thought leadership

We practice what we preach, but we also preach. Have a look at our Education section to learn more about our courses! We also manufacture the technology used for compliance industry-wide.


We pride ourselves on an inclusive, flexible working environment. It makes coming to work each day bloody fun!

We’re a motley crew united by our ambition: to lead Australia’s commercial energy revolution.

Want to work with us? We're looking for motivated people to join our team.


We're ISO accredited operators and trusted by industry peers.

We strive to innovate.

We don’t just believe that renewables are the future, but also innovations like cryptocurrency. That’s why Greenwood is involved in innovation initiatives helping shape a new world.
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