This COVID Safe Plan outlines how Greenwood is ensuring our staff, customers and people we come into contact with are safe from contracting COVID-19 and to prepare us to act in the event of a suspected or confirmed case of COVD-19 in the workplace.


Keep Clean

Wear a mask at all times on site
Wash your hands thoroughly and regularly,
using soap or sanitiser
Avoid sharing tools or equipment. If you absolutely have to, then sanitise the equipment whenever it’s passed on
We’ll provide COVID PPE (masks) and adequate supply of cleaning and sanitisation products
Dispose of single use masks, and clean reusable masks at least daily
If you touch your face, cough, sneeze, blow your nose, pick your teeth – then clean and sanitise your hands and what you touched immediately
Clean high-touch surfaces like access doors whenever they’re used, or at least twice daily


Keep Distant

If you can work from home, do work from home
Do not exceed weekly permitted work location limits
Maintain 1.5m distance and max 1 person per 4 m2 where safe to do so. Everywhere, always
Use signage and distance guidelines to make this easy
Don’t crowd around scissors, break areas etc
Breaks will be staggered to make sure we don’t fall into old habits
If you’re sick you must not come to work. Stay away, stay home, and get tested
You won’t be allowed on-site until proven negative


Keep Records

In addition to our standard site records for Greenwood staff, we MUST record the name and ID and/or contact details of EVERYONE that comes on site or in close contact with someone on site
We need to know WHO was there, WHEN, and WHERE on site they were – at a minimum
COVID incidents need to go on the incident register
This means EVERYONE – delivery drivers, subbies, client representatives, other workers on site e.g. HVAC or plumbers, even a store manager just coming up to have a look
We’ll put in a process that’s as simple as possible to do this. Stay tuned for an update
Keep your Permitted Worker Permit on you when travelling or at work


Keep Ready

We’ll be preparing a BCP to activate if we do have a suspected or confirmed case
If it’s suspected someone on site may have contracted COVID-19, they’ll be isolated and supported to get home or get tested
If we have a confirmed (positive) case among anyone on site, let Eddie know ASAP as we must notify WorkSafe and DHHS immediately
Contact tracing is on Greenwood. Keep ready to help with contact tracing (by keeping complete and accurate records of who was on site, when and where)
If this happens, the rest of the crew can keep working if they weren’t in close contact, but at the earliest sign of COVID-19 symptoms must self-isolate and get tested

For all information relating to our COVID-19 safety procedures, please download and read our full safety plan below.

Download PDF