We design high-voltage PV solutions for solar farms, microgrids and utility-scale consumers.

The primary reason that power is transmitted at high voltages is to increase efficiency.

The lower current that accompanies high voltage transmission reduces resistance in the conductors as electricity flows along with the cables. This means that thin, light-weight wires can be used in long-distance transmission.

Our unique design allows the incorporation of all required componentry into a complete package housing to substantially reduce installation space, expedite project delivery and ensure compliance with Australian installation regulations.

We design bespoke custom solutions for the following customers:

• Private High-Voltage Consumers
• Solar Farms / Utility Scale
• MicroGrids
For larger utility solar projects, we also manufacture skid mounted systems from 1~6MW utilising central inverters. The skid-mounted system can include DC combiner cabinets, LV switchboard, SCADA system and a MV (step-up) transformer.

The skid mounted systems are suitable for commercial systems ranging from 100~1000kW and come complete with string inverters, AC switchboard and metering, DC isolation and fusing, advanced cooling system and smart communication with remote monitoring.

• Easy installation
• Reduced maintenance
• Suitable for indoor/outdoor locations
• Rugged and secure construction minimises installation constraints 
• Significantly reduces installation time and cost with complete plug & play solution.

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