The global strike for climate change

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

As team Greenwood stood in Melbourne amongst the sea of dazzling signs and awe-inspired faces, it felt like a giant festival celebrating the very best of the visionary leadership within our communities.

We marched, led by First Nations people and then students followed with hundreds of thousands of us chanting, singing and filled with hope seeing just how many people had come to demand a safe future for all.

Whether you made it in person, shared your support online or followed on the news, this is a moment worth celebrating.

The student strikers have captured hearts around the world, and together people from all walks of life have resoundingly backed them in. The strikes here in Australia kicked off a global day of action with over 4 million people in at least 161 countries striking from work and school to demand better from our leaders. 820 civil society organisations and over 3,000 companies threw their support behind the students in an unprecedented show of unity for positive change. This is truly history in the making. And today, world leaders will gather in New York City for the Climate Leaders Summit.

Our calls for them to do just that and LEAD could not be louder. Together we must harness this momentum to build unprecedented support in our communities to stop climate damage.

The breadth of engagement with these strikes – deep within schools, workplaces, unions, and across a huge spectrum of the mainstream media – points to the fact we’re reaching a tipping point.It’s up to each of us to do the work to bring everyone in our communities on board.

It’s moments like this that remind us that anything is possible. So let’s keep up the momentum!


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