Greenwood now accepts cryptocurrency.

Saturday, September 1, 2018

It is in the spirit of this idea that Greenwood Solutions would like to announce we have chosen to accept Litecoin (LTC), and Bitcoin (BTC) as a form of payment for our services. It is our belief that this technology can help pave the way to a more efficient future.

There is no more efficient method than a direct one. This is very simplified logic for the idea behind Bitcoin, which is a digital currency, otherwise referred to as ‘cash for the Internet’, or ‘Cryptocurrency’. Using a complex, and astronomically secure cryptographic process, the Bitcoin network can transfer value (information) from any two points on Earth via the Internet. It is an already sound, but still-improving technology with an ultimate goal of changing the way transactions occur online. In a world where Internet growth scales exponentially, this technology projects to be a paradigm shift.

Litecoin has promoted itself to be ‘Silver to Bitcoins’ Gold’, and is the largest of the so-called ‘alt-coins’, as they are known within the greater Bitcoin Industry. Born of the same architecture, Litecoin operates in very much the same way as Bitcoin, though it boasts some notable technical differences to Bitcoin such as 4x faster transaction times, and with more advances around the corner (see: ‘Lightning Network’) we can see this as a viable alternative, or supplement to Bitcoin.

Ultimately, we aren’t looking to provide a technical analysis of these technologies (though we would encourage people to educate themselves on the subject, if they have the time), rather we are excited by the prospect of being able to provide our clients the ability to invest in energy efficiency & renewable energy systems using LTC/BTC because we can see a synergy within our own core values.

When it comes to understanding the environmental impact people have on the world, the tide of popular opinion has changed for the better in recent times. It is now generally accepted that it is a global issue requiring a global response. We believe the technology behind Litecoin & Bitcoin can forge a more efficient path to solving the issue, globally.


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