GridSafe™ Celebrates 2 Years of Production

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

The GridSafe product has reached a new milestone, ticking off two years of production! We spoke to Technical Manager Matt Culkin to reflect upon the product's beginnings, technical advancements and the future of GridSafe.

The History of GridSafe

With a background in Secondary Injection testing, Greenwood set out to develop a more user friendly and cost effective grid protection solution for commercial solar installers. At the time grid protection options were slim, in terms of competition from suppliers, and the gap in education for solar installers was significant. Our goal was not only to be able to provide a cost effective solution, but also educate installers in the industry.

Whilst the product has developed technically, our key message has remained the same: we are not a box mover but a customer focused solution that can be customised to suit installer needs.


We understand that our customers have unique needs, one customer may require Fronius export control and the next customer may want an LGC meter installed. We give our customers the option to free issue their own hardware for their GridSafe board, helping us to continue to upskill and keep a close eye on commercial solar market trends.

Being brand agnostic gives our clients greater flexibility with choice in their protection relay and monitoring hardware.

Technical Advancements

In addition to producing GridSafe boards Greenwood also has a full commercial solar installation team, who we constantly liaise with to provide feedback and keeps an ear to the ground. This feedback helps us to constantly make improvements to the product, recently releasing a new 100kW model that we are very excited about!

The latest GridSafe boards now boast the following as standard:

  • IP66 rating
  • MCCB - which is motorised, acting as a main switch and the contactor to save space and weight
  • Schneider switchgear
  • Optional relay fitting - Tele, Comap & Woodward
  • Pre-programming
  • PV label kit

The Future of GridSafe

The team are constantly hungry for feedback from our electricians and clients about how we can improve our designs. We are currently working on something very exciting which will fit into the range, with GridControl products being being rolled out later in 2019. This will cover export control and full strata monitoring for medium and large scale projects.

We can't wait to see where the product will be in another 2 years, to find out more about our GridSafe services click here or sign up to our newsletter below.


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