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Monday, September 16, 2019

This Friday businesses across the world will be closing their doors to take a stand on climate change. The #notbusinessasusual movement, which includes at least 1,119  businesses and organisations of various sizes, encourages businesses to do their part and support students in the global #ClimateStrike. It is going to be unlike anything we have seen before, with millions of children and adults joining together to demand change.

Why is it happening? 

The global climate strike will happen on Friday 20 September, three days before the UN Climate Action summit. 

The devastating effects of climate change are apparent: loss of sea ice, accelerated sea level rise and longer, more intense heat waves. If we don't act now the effects of climate change will soon be irreversible.

This, however, is still not enough to push global leaders to take action. It’s time to stand up for the planet and our younger generations who have thus far been leading the fight.

Why your business should take part

The message is simple, the bigger the turnout the more pressure we place on the government to make a change. While the private sector cannot fix climate change alone, neither should the responsibility be left to school children who don’t have the power and resources adults do.

The dedicated website launched by the group said the main reason people can’t join the strike is due to work commitments, so they are calling on other employers to join the global cause. 

“Every business can do something, whether it’s closing the doors, having a meeting-free day, allowing a long lunch, or sending an email to make it clear teams will not be penalised for taking a few hours off” it states. 

Greenwood employees will be attending the Melbourne march at Treasury Gardens on Friday 20th September, to find out where your local protest is happening click here.


Every week we’ll be publishing new videos and walkthroughs online.

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