Your business is losing money by not switching to solar

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Renewable energy is often considered as something only the environmentally conscious adopt in an attempt to reduce their carbon footprint, however, this sustainable image has become outdated.

Installing renewable technologies such as solar is simply good business practice; as the price of solar continues to fall and electricity prices rise,  businesses are saving thousands on their operating costs by making the switch.

We have seen the big players like Apple and Google achieve 100% renewable electricity over the past year and with the declining cost of solar installation and an increase in government subsidies, it should be an achievable goal for companies of all sizes.

Here’s how adopting solar could help your business…

Solar will dramatically reduce your operating costs

A typical organisation is said to spend 46% of overall operating costs on energy and utilities and 33% of that energy is completely wasted.

Whilst you wouldn’t leave a tap running all day and watch the money pour down the drain, it is hard to appreciate how much energy you’re wasting when you can’t physically see the losses occurring.

These losses can have a huge impact on the success of a business. In the current market, it is a constant battle of providing customers with more for less. The combination of fixing these energy wastages and producing your own energy through solar essentially makes you ‘energy self-sufficient’, freeing up valuable resources that can be used to improve the profitability and efficiency of your company.

Solar will give you a competitive edge

It’s not hard to see how removing the risk of rising electricity bills and the cost of energy losses will give you a serious advantage over your competitors.

The rise of the solar market in Australia by 400% over the past six years is a clear indicator that the movement towards renewable energy has already begun and those who don’t follow suit will get left behind.

As a typical solar system takes between three to five years to pay off, companies that act now will have the upper hand in a few years when they have slashed their operating costs and are essentially running off free energy.

Solar will future proof your business

Electricity prices in Australia have more than doubled in the last 10 years, a trend that is set to continue and is largely out of our personal control.

Installing solar removes the burden of relying solely on the grid and, over time, your system will pay for itself through the savings you make.

Solar will improve your business’ public image

In today’s highly competitive marketplace it is not enough to simply offer a good service anymore. Businesses need to meet customers’ high expectations whilst also aligning with their deeper beliefs and morals.

Installing a solar system makes for a great PR story, as well as positioning you as an ethically conscious organisation who is concerned with the wellbeing of the community, it highlights your investment in the longevity of your business.

When you are one of many companies offering a similar product at a similar price, customers will ultimately make an emotional decision based on your brand’s image and message.

Taking the first steps towards energy self-sufficiency

Greenwood is proud to be one of the only companies in Australia specialising in end-to-end energy efficiency.

Our process is simple, we identify why and how you are using and losing energy, fix any issues to make your business more efficient and install a solar system to give you control over your electricity costs. Visit customer stories to learn more about our previous projects.

If you are ready to improve the efficiency and profitability of your business, get in contact with us at or call us at 03 9810 3206.


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